Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds
Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds
Anuradha Kowtha

Welcome to Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds

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Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds

**Currently in Spring 2020 Session. Applications for SPCS will reopen in August of 2020. Send me an email to be added to the waiting list.**

About the Course

Our course is focused on answering the question: How can I thrive in my life, work and relationships as I integrate the praxis of anti-capitalism?

We, Moriah Helms and Anuradha Kowtha, crossed paths back in 2018. From our rich and nourishing conversations that brought us together blossomed the tendrils of this course. 

[Even this sales page and course is a paradox. We're asking people to step into post-capitalist paradigms while we're all still living through late stage capitalism. Yet we're also aware of & acknowledging our own needs of making a living in the world. We take on this role as facilitators, not as experts. We bring the energy and invitation of embodiment, not simply as an intellectual exercise.]

As we move into life, work, and relationships beyond capitalism, we need places of possibility, vision, and space holders to grow something new. 

To make the transition, we need healing, and also to build our resilience. By forming networks, we can be like trees holding each other below the surface of the ground, bracing and supporting new life. We need containers to grow seedlings of ideas into whole ecosystems, like micro-economies that can support all of us abundantly. 

Our course guides us through a season of sowing and tending seeds of change in ourselves and in community. This is an interactive course that depends on all the participants showing up and sharing their process in some way. While we accommodate for various learning and participatory styles, we expect all participants to engage in the live course in some way regularly- either live on the calls, in the Mighty Networks space, or in some combination of the two. 

This course is for all people. We are opening up this cohort to all genders for this cohort only. Entrepreneurs, creatives, parents, community planners, visionaries, educators, healers, and connectors who are ready to engage in new post capitalist ways can all benefit from this course.

As facilitators we value: Black/Indigenous/queer led movements and sources, anti-fascism, Indigenous sovereignty and land back, our lineages of wisdom holders, relating with both our ancestors and descendants, community focus and mutual aid over personal empowerment, self governance, anarchism/ dismantling hierarchies.

Our Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds course is useful for: 

  • understanding the roots of capitalism
  • (re)evaluating where you are in kyriarchy (linkages between power and oppression)
  • clarity on where you are in your own ecosystem, niches, and cosmos (these spaces are often rich for amelioration and attention)
  • practices around grief & gratitude and creating supportive rituals and rhythms
  • prompts for reflection to face the truths of the world without turning away
  • integrate anti-capitalism into your life, work, and relationships adapted to your unique nature and situation 
  • a place to connect with like-minded individuals in their exploration and praxis.

Course Details

When: 14-Weeks Course, starts September 12, 2021. The course will be on Sunday afternoons.

14 Live call on Sundays, 1 - 2:30 pm Eastern time via Zoom. Recordings, closed captioning, and transcripts will be available.

Place: Discussions on Mighty Networks.

Materials: Our curriculum is based on open source or publicly available articles and texts, our own practices and tools, and we will also be using some excerpts from the book Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici. We ask participants to purchase the book or use our Lending Library.

Investment: (Sliding Scale & Pay-What-You-Can)

We have a few payment options. We trust you to select the payment plan that works for you.

Full price: £696/$900 USD (allows us to be fully paid for our labor)
83% Sliding Scale: £580/$750 USD (covers our guest speakers, scholarships)
66% Sliding Scale: £464/$600 USD (covers the admin support for the course)
50% Sliding Scale: £348/$450 USD (covers our costs like website, Mighty Networks, and Zoom)
33% Sliding Scale: £232/$300 USD (covers the basic administration for the course)
Pay-What-You-Can for participants from the Global South
BIPOC Scholarships or Work-Trade Positions 

Other payment details:

  • All of these have payment plans (we don't add any additional costs to the payment plans). Payments will be handled in GBP. Exchange rates may vary. Exchange rate calculated on Feb 11, 2020. 
  • For those taking this training as part of a professional development training or in a business capacity. We ask that you pay at the top two payment tiers.
  • Outside of those options, if you would like to propose an alternate payment plan send it to us here.
  • We have 2 Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Scholarships available. We have 2 Work-Trade positions available. Make a note in the application if you would like to be considered for these options, they are first come, first served.

Read more about our economic and accessibility statement to understand our philosophy. For this cohort we will have real time closed captioning provided by and transcriptions available afterward. All calls are recorded and available to re-watch in the Mighty Networks forum. In addition, we will be donating a minimum of $500 to a mutual aid efforts.

Course Schedule 

Week 1: Introductions and Planting Seeds
Week 2: The Roots of Capitalism
Week 3: Legacy of Colonialism w/ JL Umipig
Week 4: Grieving & Releasing
Week 5: Integrate/ Q&A
Week 6: Finding Your Place
Week 7: From Theory to Praxis
Week 8: Mutualism, Relationship, & Power
Week 9: Body Liberation with guest Tiana Dodson
Week 10: Integrate/ Q&A
Week 11: Money, Abundance, & Spirituality with Alexis P. Morgan
Week 12: (Eco)systems of Labor
Week 13: Redistribution During Apocalypse with Stephanie Morningstar
Week 14: Carrying Our Seeds into the World

What our past participants have said:

'Sowing Post Capitalist Seeds was like Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. We time traveled with the ghosts of capitalism’s past, present and future and saw the chilling threads. We also saw the threads of resistance and possibility. We had the opportunity to reflect and share along the way.'

- Katie Manaras

'The Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds Course will ground you in your scattered thoughts on how to be a good human this day in time. Anuradha and Moriah are excellent guides and teachers, providing a curriculum and course structure that is both full of resources, recommendations, tools for learning, live calls, and exercises, while at the same time is a place of non-judgement, flexibility and community. They do not just lecture, but share life experiences and perspectives and invite us to share as well. The work is intense and worth the commitment as I know more now about capitalism, its roots and how I, as little me, can create change in my own life and business that can ripple out and be a benefit in this life-time without the urgency to save the world all by myself!'

- Miranda Wildman

'I wish I could have continued having Moriah and Anuradha as teachers forever. I’ve never encountered teachers that deliver such a complex and often heavy subject matter in such a manner that it created space and movement within me, rather than weighing me down. This is what teaching looks like outside of the cisheteropatriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist paradigm. I found the course healing and empowering and some months down the line, much of what I learned in the course has become an essential part of my personal practice of anti-capitalism.'

- Emma Moody

About the Facilitators

Moriah Helms


What brings me to this work?

My deep love of life, earth, and all her inhabitants, human and non-human alike, has led me here. I come to this work as a healer, who has realized that true healing must include a dismantling of oppressive systems and understanding the histories of how we got here.

The cult of individualism has led some of us to believe that we can be well by simply eating the right foods and doing certain (often appropriated) spiritual practices. But in reality, this way of being leaves a deeper spiritual toxin firmly rooted in our beings. Without confronting white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, and how they all interconnect and influence us, we can never be truly well. I believe that excavating these toxins (a lifelong process) allows us to plant the seeds of belonging and creative potential in our lives.

I live in midcoast Maine, Wabanaki territory, where I practice lymphatic bodywork and energetic healing, steward a large garden, engage in transformative justice and mediation within my community, reconnect with my ancestors, and run around in the woods with my dogs.  

Anuradha Kowtha

What brings me to this work?

My work was shaped by living in two worlds, that of a primarily white community in Arizona and preserving Indian culture through the arts and spiritual practice. As an adventurer and curious individual (raised by computer scientists) I have an insatiable desire to see how things work and finding our inherent interconnectedness to the cosmos, to the planet, and to life.

Since I was a child, teaching has a been a passion. I've spent my life studying how we make meaning and the role of indoctrination and propaganda in education, culture and identity formation. My work, whether as an unschooling parent, a storyteller, an educator, a carer for those with disabilities, an editor, biology researcher, or a consultant, has always been to use decolonial and non-traditional approaches to illuminate, liberate and make accessible the connection from self to world. Ultimately, the oppressive systems that we live within have percholated through every element and in part, healing colonialism is an important part of recovering our true identity and our connections.

I am currently living in East London*, with my partner and daughter where we explore, make art, dance, play, and do our important work in the world.

*the Thames valley was once inhabited by the Saxons & other tribes



What our past participants have said: 

'I can see how capitalist resistance is not only possible, but already a part of how I've been living my life. I can now dig into those practices, lifestyle choices, projects with full abandon, knowing that my role in creating the new world after capitalism is being fulfilled in the things I find most joy in. If you have a feeling you don't like capitalism, but you can't pinpoint or explain exactly why, join this program! It has brought me so much clarity and given me the language I was missing to explain why I'm interested in creating something beyond capitalism.
Anuradha and Moriah are amazing, caring, thoughtful facilitators who model what post-capitalistic living can look like.'

- Lilly Garcia

'It was the most thought-provoking and challenging material I've had in my life since college. I think about feminism, racism, capitalism, appropriation, community resilience and oppression completely different now that I've taken this class. I love the dynamic between Anuradha and Moriah. They are great teachers, both challenging and kind.'

- Sarah Wineberg